22 May 2011

Inexpensive Style Tweaks for Men

Fashion shows twice a year and an ever changing rack of wares can make it seem like the men’s garments industry wants you changing wardrobes every few months. That is, in fact, exactly the kind of mindset they’d like to encourage.
The truly style-conscious man, however, knows that adding just a couple of pieces to your closet every so often already gives you all the updating your wardrobe needs for the season.
Some New Neckties
Working and fashionable men face twice the dilemma every morning. They have to look presentably stylish every day for five days a week, four weeks a month and nearly fifty two weeks a year. That’s a whole lot of outfits, especially when you consider that each one has to be an assembly of informed style choices and good taste in clothes.
Buying new neckties instead of a whole new wardrobe is drastically cheaper, that’s for sure. They’re great style investments because each new tie could potentially match up with every one of your shirts, immediately multiplying the number of available outfits in your closet. There aren’t many pieces in stores that can boast of doing the same feat.
When it comes to ties, there’s no such thing as owning too many. If you haven’t got any of your own yet, though, start your collection with classic styles like the basic colors – red, blue, green or yellow – in deep shades with simple stripes. You can move on to other patterns, shades and textures once you feel that more variety is in order for your closet. At their current prices, it’s unlikely that the new ties will seriously dent your budget.
A Few Shirts
Using the same logic, a couple of new shirts in some novel pattern or color should also make a considerable difference in your daily clothes selection. Each new shirt you get can turn into one whole new outfit. Get both – half a dozen new shirts and ties, say – and you have enough unique options to last you a couple of months.
Dependable as the white shirt is for mixing and matching might be, wearing it day in and day out is monotonous in the extreme. Other colors like yellow, blue or red – when in a light enough shade – has all the versatility white, plus that extra visual effect because it’s not white. Subtle uniform patterns like checks and stripes are also formal enough for work, while keeping your outfit fashionably lively as well.
A Great Jacket or Two
More expensive than an individual necktie or shirt, the jacket is still a fairly cheap style upgrade for men when you consider the effect of a single one on your outfit and your wardrobe as a whole. A good jacket can dress up anything and everything from shorts to a beat-up tee, while at the same time hiding the less than ideal aspects of your torso.
Black is one of the most popular colors in men’s fashion for its versatility, and the trend holds true for jackets. It has, however, the unfortunate tendency to seem too formal and sober. One way to work around this is to simply get a jacket in gray or navy, which keeps the same level of dressiness but is less rigid than inky black. Keep the silhouette clean and simple, and you should be able to make the most of that $200 brand name jacket.

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