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8 May 2011

The Top Winter Trends

Textured Sophistication
One of the hottest fashion trends for winter 2010 is textured fabrics including gorgeous velvet fabrics, textured wool, timeless tweed and luxurious knits. Winter is a time to focus on clothing with comfortable yet sophisticated design elements. Texture is an ideal way to create a sophisticated fashion statement and three of the latest textured designs for this season include warm winter coats, stunning holiday dresses and chic over-sized loose knit sweaters.

Look for a combination of chic textures and rich colours to create a stunning fashion statement this winter season. Again, chic textures are not limited to just your clothing! If you want to incorporate this fashion trend into your wardrobe go ahead and accessorise. Textured scarves, hats and handbags can really make an outfit pop and keep you on top of the latest fashion trends of the season.

Fabulous Faux Fur

Faux fur is not only fun but in this day and age it looks like the real thing. Faux fur jackets, vests, wraps, hats, stoles and muffs are not only fun but they will also keep you cozy and warm this winter season. There are no rules when it comes to faux fur anything goes including fun patterns, bold colours and fluffy pelts.

When it comes to faux fur your options are endless. Chic and funky faux fur fashion designs can range in price from relatively affordable to a luxurious splurge. Look for faux fur clothing and accessories online to get the best deal.

Thigh-High Boots

These boots have become a favourite with many women. They look sexy and feel comfortable. To add to this, they provide a great coverage to the leg that is essential for winter time. So, it's still a trend and you have one more season to rock your best pair! Baggy clothes and too long jackets draw off the attention to the thigh-high boots, so avoid them.

The desired length of this season thigh-high boots is just over the knee, avoiding the ones that reach almost to the crotch (referred to as crotch boots). They can be either flat or high-heeled. For your own good, they are made of genuine leather or suede and the colours seem just toned (black, grey, brown, green, creamy).

Sleek Embellished Handbags

Handbags are the ultimate fashion accessory for any woman - but this year embellished handbags are simply the hottest accessory of the year. From sequins to studs and everything in between there seem to be no limits to the styles and designs available.

If you are heading to a holiday party why not try a vintage sequin embellished clutch. heading to the office? Then an embellished tote handbag will keep you looking polished and professional while at work. A cross-body stud embellished handbag is great for creating an edgy fashion statement while a zipper and leather embellished convertible tote bag is a great everyday bag for any occasion.

The top fashion trends for winter 2010/2011 include edgy black leather, sophisticated textures, fabulous faux fur and sleek embellished handbags. When shopping on a budget for the latest fashion trends invest in one or two key pieces or focus on investing in fashionable accessories to update your wardrobe.
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