7 Jun 2011

Sneakers Styles

A pair of sneakers is not just some footwear to put on for the season. High tops kicks are popular for all seasons. Take the Adidas Campus; it is a favorite with most people as they are the classic kicks. You obviously do not need to wait for the season to put on this pair of kicks. Simple yet stylish is the right term of endearment for the Adidas Campus that has been around for some time. Their slightly bulky white soles make them all the more prominent in stature and accentuate the freshness from them.

On the other hand, you have the New Balance 574 which is seriously retro with great tracking soles that will give you steadiness on the road or snow. It comes in multiple colors and styles that may make it hard to choose; it has a suede or mesh upper with an EVA midsole for comfort, longer durability and breathability.

Nike Dunks were at their prime during 2007 and 2008 but remains a street favorite today. The Dunk has transformed into a well known sub-cultural icon for sneakerheads, a.k.a. sneaker collectors. There is a wide range of color for your choosing.

Nike Blazer Highs come out as the super casual sneakers with high top for great ankle support with its rubber outsole for city street traction or dance floors. It is a top 10 favorite of guys and ladies as it fits your wardrobe to a T.

Saucony Jazz is the ultimate beater kicks for all occasions! You can clean in it, run errands with it or just move in any way. They feel very light on your feet to give the comfort your feet deserve with great durability. It offers rubber outsole for great traction with a durable nylon or suede upper, collar and padded tongue.  

If you are unsure of getting a high or low top sneaker, try the Chukka Boot! The Vans Chukka Boot comes in a sturdy body that wraps below the ankle for a solid support as a high top but gives the freedom of a low. Its Vans’ signature waffle gum on its rubber outsole with extra padded collar and double stitching make it outstanding and durable. Chukkas give great comfort, versatility and protection.

The Adidas Top Ten was the famed basketball sneaker in the late 1970s to enter into the basketball line up. These were tried and tested by NBA players before coming back with a clean look that sports a synthetic leather upper. It is now lighter than, and not as bulky as, the Adidas Forum to allow light carry. But the Adidas Forum has its own circle of fans that prefer its chunkier and heavier high top. New York, Asia and Europe wear the Adidas Forums in all colors as they are great on any outfit. 

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