20 Jul 2011

10 Beautiful Spanish Girls

Monica Cruz. The sister of Penelope Cruz, 32 year old Monica Cruz ranks high on the list of exotic Spanish beauties. She studied traditional ballet and flamenco at the Royal Academy of Dance. She grew up in the working-class suburb of Alcobendas, just north of Madrid. 

Almudena Cid. Brains, brawn and beauty, Almudena Cid competed in the 1996, 2000 and recent Olympic Games in Bejing. She was born in Vitoria, Spain.

Elena Furiase. Elena Furiase is the spokeswoman for “Coolway” shoes, and is best known for her role in Antena 3's Internado. She has been labeled as one of Spain's “sweethearts”. 

Raquel del Rasario. This beauty is the lead singer of El Sueno de Mofeo. She is also married to Fernando Alonso, a popular Formula 1 driver.

Kira Miro. With a new television series debuting in 2010, Kira Miro is Less than camera shy to the extreme delight of an entire population of Spanish men.

Ana Alves. Best known for her work in men's magazines, Ana Alves is not afraid to show off her impressive body. She is amazing and ranks high on the list of most beautiful.

Elena Anaya. An incredible beauty, Elena Anaya is best known for her sexy role in the film, "Sex and Lucia." 

Nidyan Fabregat. Nidyan Fabregat is well known for removing her top anywhere she see fit. There are seldom complaints. She is Spain's self-proclaimed “party girl”.

Natalia Gallego. The "Spanish Idol" winner two years ago, Natalia Gallego has been bringing fans to their feet with her vocal talent. 

Veruzhka Ramirez. Veruzhka Ramirez is a world-class beauty who just happens to hail from Spain. She is a well known swimsuit model for a very good reason.

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