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10 Aug 2011

Sleep in 20 Minutes Later Every Morning!

By Jennifer Rodstrom,
With exception to the rare breed of ladies who can wake up at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, read the paper, and greet each day with a smile on their faces, most 20-somethings do everything in their power to hit the snooze button at least a few times before crawling out of bed. And let’s face it: Your alarm clock is a bona fide ball buster, so fight back and collect as many precious zZz’s as possible by using the following tips. Sweet dreams!

Remember your accessories. You’ve probably heard a zillion times to pick out your clothes the night before in order to save time in the morning. That’s great advice, but don’t ignore your baubles. Searching the room for a missing gold hoop wastes time and frazzles you. Avoid this AM drama by placing the jewelry you plan to wear the next day on your nightstand before hitting the sheets.
Take advantage of the auto-timer. For many of us, dining on an extravagant breakfast is not even close to possible. However, it’s important to have breakfast each morning, so make it easy for yourself. Set the coffee pot on auto-timer the night before; it will allow you to sleep in a few extra minutes, and waking up to the smell of fresh coffee will make you feel refreshed! Keep your food choices simple: Make sure to have cereal, milk, and fruit handy for a well-balanced start to your day. If it’s acceptable to eat at work, stash granola bars in your desk or keep fruits in the communal fridge to skip this at-home morning song and dance altogether.
Memorize PMILK. Phone. Money. ID. Lip gloss. Keys. Keep these items stashed in your purse at all times, so you won’t have to stop and think, “What am I forgetting?” in the morning.
Wash your hair the night before. How long does it take you to shower and blow-dry your hair in the morning? Flat Iron? Forget about it! For most 20-somethings, this is a huge chunk of primping time that you could be off in dreamland. If you need a morning shower to wake you up, wash your hair the night before, then just touch it up in the morning.
Break up with your iron. Meet your latest lifesaver: Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Simply spray this on your crumpled clothes, tug the material on its sides, and then smooth out the wrinkles with your hand. It’s kind of like magic. Do this first thing in the morning or the night before so the liquid is dried before you leave the house.
What are your tricks to save time in the morning? Tell us in the comments below!
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