5 Aug 2011

Ways to Get Your Children to Love Reading Books

Many children just love reading books naturally. However, some children do not. If your child is not feeling the love for books or you want to get a head start, try talking to other parents. Look for parents whose children always seem to be engrossed in books. Chances are, they'll have some wonderful tips.
As a mother of voracious readers, I've learned several things on the way. Great ways to increase your child's love for books can come from both simple and unexpected places.
Read every day. Reading to your child every day can go a long way in instilling a love from reading. Starting this ritual while the child is still in the womb can also make the reading more familiar, which can help a child naturally enjoy reading. If you can, read with your child more than once per day. Be sure that once your child can read, you read to him once per day, but that he also reads to himself at least once per day. Both oral and visual stimulation are needed in order for a child to fully grasp the knowledge and love of reading and books.
Let your child choose the stories. There are some times when your child will have to read particular books. But be sure that your child also gets to make her own selections regularly. Children will be more receptive to reading if it isn't always about what someone else wants. It's perfectly fine if some things they choose are not exactly educational. Let them have some fun with reading too. They're more likely to learn from reading if they are interested in it.
Attend story time at the library. When kids see that others are interested in reading, it can open them up to its value. Story time can also be quite fun. Often there are activities involved in the story that your child can participate in. Story time may involve instruments, puppets, dancing, singing, stomping, shouting, and more. This helps make books more fun for your child. It also helps to provide a more rounded exposure to books.
Have a family reading circle. When reading is made into a family event, it can help create a natural love for books. This is because most kids respond to something that is done repetitively and with those they love. To create a family reading circle, gather comfortable furniture (such as pillows, bean bags, or cozy chairs) in a circle shape and choose a few books. Each person can take turns passing the book around and reading a few lines. For older children, novels that are read from a few chapters at a time are good as well.
Play reading games. Much like story time, reading games bring out the fun and imagination that comes from books. There is no right or wrong way to read a story. It can be read straight from cover to cover or it can be acted out or used as a base for a game. Teaching a child to love books does not have to be boring. Remember, you want them to know there is fun to be had. I like to invent games to play with my kids during reading, such as "Stop and Read and "Reading Charades." Use nothing but the book, use costumes and props, and even use pre-packaged reading games.
There's no limit to the games and fun to be had while reading books. Be sure you instill that in your child through consistent action. In no time he'll have a love for books you never dreamed was possible.

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