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19 May 2011

Festival of Basant

Festival of Basant on the arrival of spring is celebrated each year in almost entire Pakistan especially in Lahore and its surrounding areas. The girls and boys wearing yellow dresses and danced with the beat of Dhole that’s called Bhangra, exchanging gifts express their love for each other through different ways. The night before and on the day of this fabulous festival the sky is covered with all kind of beautiful kites large and small that decorates the sky in a glorious and pleasant way. It looked that a painter has painted the sky with beautiful colours.

From the last few years it is estimated that festival of basant is one of the largest occasion. People live far away from each other joined their relatives and friends on that day. It is said that Lahories are very excited for Basant that has made the people of other cities excited too. People from other cities specially came to Lahore to see the celebration as well as excitement of lahories. Large variety of kites and ‘dor’ of different quality made available in the market.

Shouts of Bo-Kata are heard from all around when youngster coming out with their kites on roofs and streets. Parks are specially decorated and different stalls are held there. Children are seemed very happy at this festival although they don’t know kite flying but it’s a source of enjoyment for them. Women are also side by side with males in this festival. On some of the roofs they are flying kites or helping males in holding Dor, some are busy in cooking delicious food and some are busy in gossips.

Parties are held at Basant night. Foreigners from different countries come in Pakistan to see the arrangements of people. There are certain families and people who specially invite their friends from India to celebrate this festival with them. They enjoyed HallaGulla and spicy eatables that is specially made for this occasion. Sounds of music and Dhol, shouts of Bo-Kata make the atmosphere very pleasant and there is a smile on everyone’s face.

Dresses of women on this occasion are like “Chooridar” pajamas, Saris, Jeans, Trousers and Garrars in different yellow shades. Children make different cartoon on their faces. Roof of factories, buildings etc are reserved one month ago or more. Roofs and parks are decorated with different colourful tents. Special arrangement of food like ‘Chicken Tikkas’, ‘Buffe’, ‘Seikh Kabab’,’halim’ and other typical specialties with green tea are made available.

Moreover special television shows are arranged and different celebrities are invited to entertain the public watching television. The hotels are full to capacity on account of people coming to celebrate Basant in Lahore. People from different countries as well as cities dominate the Lahore on this festival.

Now a day’s people are very excited towards this festival. Although the Pakistan government has banned to fly kites due to some horrible incidents but still people think that it’s a way to celebrate their happiness with others. But the decision is upon us whether we want our happiness or other sorrows of lost of lives that occurs due to this festival.
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