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10 May 2011

Islamic Education and Modern Education

Islamic Education VS Modern EducationEducation means to know about something. Then why there is placed a difference in Islamic Education and Modern education. Education is education, whether that is science or fiqa. Both are going to one destination i-e Almighty Allah.

Then why these people are putting parents and our youth in confusion that some are selling oxford/Cambridge education, some are sitting in madras and some are trying to mix them.
Education is Education. The modern science is being defined as "system of knowledge gained by systematic research and organized into general laws".
The Humans are asked, on various occasions in the Quran, to research, to make some thorough investigations about the universe and to find the hidden truth in the things around us. So, whether it is science, history, math or any other subject all is knowledge, all is education The ALLAH ALMIGHTY has invited us to look around and observe the things in order to solidify our belief in HIM. We believe in ALLAH but it will solidify our belief in HIM even more.
Then why is this difference? There is no difference as we are welcomed to observe, to feel and to understand the things to come closer to our CREATOR. It means that we are entitled to learn science as science is the systematic way to observing a fact or finding a fact for which we are asked to.
Now from where does this concept of "Islamic Education" and "Modern Education" come? In fact we put ourselves in confusion to some part of Islam and preaching only that part is given the name "Islamic Education". Will anybody let me know what Islam really is? Islam is the complete code of life which covers all the knowledge exists on this face of Earth.
Now-a-days whenever we discuss the politics we keep Islam aside. Is it right? Of course not! The Quran says:
Mafhoom: Indeed The Messenger of ALLAH is the best example for you.
And we find The Messenger of ALLAH, Hazrath MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) making the policies in the state of MADINA. Now what is this? Does it not prove that politics is a part of Islam?
The economic policies of Hazrath Umer Farooq (The second Caliph) amazed the European economists. Is it not Islam?
In gazwa-e-Badr some of the enemies were captured and those, who were educated among them, were asked to teach the Muslims. Can anybody tell me what they taught to the Muslims, Islamic Virtues? What do you think?
May ALLAH guide us towards the right way and help us in our life.
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