9 May 2011

The men wear suit in Hollywood

Hugh JackmanSuit has been active in the men's fashion apparel arena, like a pair of jeans, is a classic timeless dress. The impression of a traditional suits always give people a sense of gentleman and elegant, but not every man suitable for wearing a suit, in addition to stature this kind of external conditions, temperament is also very important. Hollywood has never been a lack of both have handsome and genius the type of perfect man. However, in the hearts of every fan, there will always be a few people in particular gentleman, wearing a suit for a special, as if suit is tailor-made for their new clothes, personal temperament and the perfect suit integration is synonymous with elegance.

1.Hugh Jackman
He is the Wolverine in the "X-Men", with a wild temperament as charming. In life he was an out-and-out gentleman, in the University journalism graduate, he has "the best opera singer in Australia," the title. Spare time, Jackman will play piano and guitar. Therefore, wearing a suit is not hard to imagine how elegant he is.

2. Pierce Brosnan
George ClooneyNeedless to say, 007 are born children to wear suits. In my impression 007 just two image, Naked or wear suit. Pierce Brosnan in the next screen is also very like to wear suits.

3. George Clooney
George’s temperament is very close to three to four decades in Hollywood. If he did not wear a suit, the charm will be greatly reduced.

There are a lot of men suitable for wear suit; I can not say that out of all of a sudden.For example, although Pierce Brosnan is the best 007 in my mind, but every 007 in the history are also

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