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9 May 2011

Carmen Dell orefice:The legend of T-platform

Carmen Dell orefice

Carmen Dell orefice was born in the United States in 1931 and she is the oldest model on the T-platform today. Nearly 78-year-old still in her recent London Fashion Week in 2009 and Lily Cole, etc. at the same platform with young models, one tip of the Queen's demeanor, in her most frequently used adjective is "perfect" and "elegant."

Carmen with young models
The legend of T-platform
If there is a "model’s dictionary," then "Carmen Dell orefice " This must be top of the dictionary vocabulary, and notes a "history of 60 years T-platform history." Carmen use the cleanliness, modesty, punctuality attitude, makes a good lesson for the young models.

T-platform & First-line advertising
For decades, she has been a great and famous brands’ favorite. Jean Paul Gaultier had invited her for HERMES debut T-platform show, John Galliano needs her for Dior’s repute, she also appeared fashion show frequently like Moschino, Thierry •Mugler, Pierrot, DKNY, etc. Rolex watches, clothing brand GAP and its Vice-line Banana Republic, Arden face cream, anti-aging Lancaster Series, Target department store invitation Carmen to be celebrity spokesman, for her evergreen in the fashion industry's image to prove the brand a reliable long-lasting quality. She has worked with the most prestigious photographers, even her old age ID card come from the Norman • Parkinson (British photographer) wrote.

Young Carmen
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