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9 May 2011

Royal jeweler Chaumet Chaumet

European royal jeweler Chaumet


Founder: Marie-Etienne Nitot
Respective institutions: LVMH
Nation: France
Official website: Chaumet

1. Legend of Chaumet

1780, CHAUME the birth of opportunity.
Keywords: Napoleon
The late eighteenth century, with the rise of Napoleon's empire, a great jeweler emerged. CHAUMET origins can be traced back to the founder of French people Marie-Etienne Nitot, by virtue of his unique vision with superb technology, who won the French royal family of the production of jewelry with the right.
After that, He also for the Queen Josephine and Marie-Louise designed the imperial sword, the crown and all the other unique dazzling jewelry. Designed by his art is the perfect way to echo the Napoleonic era of gorgeous noble style. Chaumet won the love of Royal nobility.
1809 made by Nitot jade pearl embossed crown
Bourbon crown Palmer (1919)
Queen Josephine's jewelry

2. Today's Chaumet

Key words: succinctness

Chaumet is classical, but also fashionable. Chaumet cross barriers of time and space, technology and precious stones at the perfect fusion of nature. Chaumet now become an international luxury brand and all its fancy Jewelry will be excited to an eternity. Succinct reflect the life and beauty into the life, that is style of succinctness. More than two century classic jewelry brand CHAUMET, from brilliant to the simplicity and become the best choice to annotation people's precious dream.

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