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27 Jun 2011

Free International Calls All around world

Calls will NOT terminate in any high-cost area including cell phones in Europe, Australia and most all phones in Middle East, Africa, Cuba and parts of S America. Calls are limited in duration up to 6 minutes. No personal information regarding calls is used in any way.

Calls can be made TO and FROM most countries in the world.
Over 200 per day, originating from over 26 countries.  
Place a call to a local access number available in hundreds of cities around the world to make free global calls (24/7).

  • Calls are limited up to 6 minutes based on Calling Destination.

  • Calling limited 12am to 8am (New York USA) Daily Maintenance.

  • Since this is a free service, we cannot guarantee 100% call termination.

  • If your call doesn't go through, try again later.

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