27 Jun 2011

Girls looking for boys

Yes it may be a surprise for many guys but girls are looking for boys to satisfy their emotional and physical needs as well.  Most boys think that the only thing girls do is saying yes or no to you attempts to hook up with them. However there are many girls who just like the feeling of chasing some guy, even though he might not be rich or good looking. The idea I am trying to emphasize is that girls like competition as well and that is why many of them instead of waiting until the right guy comes are looking for boys themselves.
That is where the concept of play hard to get comes into place. Girls like chasing guys who are not easy and that is why many of the same girls think that guys like girls who play hard to get as well. There is nothing you can do to change the way girls think or act, but you can adjust your behaviour to make girls chasing you instead of chasing them.  To do so set some rules for yourself and follow them, for example don’t sleep with a girl just because she wants you to. If you say to a girl that you don’t want to sleep with her, she will tell about you to all her girlfriends and they all will start thinking that you have standards and this will drive all them crazy. This happens because girls are used to getting only “yeses” and if you say “no” to them, they will do whatever it takes to fix the situation. That is where you are starting to control when and where you are going to sleep with a girl.
Most girls looking for boys on dating sites because it is very safe ground to meet new people and the virtually don’t get any rejections. Girls afraid to approach guys in a clubs since girls are extremely afraid of rejection.

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