27 Jun 2011

HOW TO: Download An Entire Facebook Photo Album

You will first need to get Mozilla’s Firefox Browser and install the FacePAD plug-in from the Firefox add-ons page. The FacePAD plug-in is developed by 24 year old  Arthur Sabintsev who got the inspiration in 2008:
I had five people taking photos at my 22nd Birthday party (2008). They all posted the photos on Facebook, but were to lazy to send me the originals. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a method to download each of their albums onto my computer. Thus, FacePAD was born.
After installing the add-on and restarting Firefox you will be able to see a new option, “Download Album with FacePAD” when you right-click on your Facebook photo albums.
The FacePAD option
Clicking this option will download the entire Album into your default Firefox Download folder, which you can change by following this tutorial. As an added bonus, the plug in works for MySpace as well, in case there is anybody left on that site.
Hope that this helps save you both the time and the migration medication that downloading an entire Facebook photo album costs.
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