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8 Aug 2011

How to Get Clear Skin

By DailyCandy

One look at Lisa Eddy Colman from Flourish Skin & Wax and you know she’s a pro — aesthetician, that is. Her skin is flawless, and her holistic approach is logical, easy, and gets results. Below, her top three secrets to get you glowing in no time.

1. Lather Up.

Washing your face for a full two minutes (just like the dentist says about your pearly whites) guarantees truly clean skin. Every product you use after will work better.

2. Gone Schvitzing.
If you work out midday or in the evening, wash your face first. If you can’t get home right after working out, clean your hands and splash your face with tepid water to get the sweat off your skin.

3. The H2O Factor.
Drink lots of it. Start your morning with a warm cup of water to get the lymph moving and flush toxins (they can surface as a rash or breakout).

Flourish Skin & Wax, 1905 Union Street, at Laguna Street (415-370-6559 or
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