22 May 2011

What to do When Your Neckties are Too Long

shorter-mens-tiesA necktie needs to be tied to the right length so that the tip of the tie ends near the center of your belt buckle. For men that fall out of the normal height range of 5' 4" to 6' 2" this can be challenging. While tall men and men with a larger neck size usually find that their ties are too short, shorter men have the opposite problem. The good news is that for big & tall men there is the option of buying extra long ties that are 3-5 inches longer in length. Shorter men on the other hand will have it more difficult finding specialty made neckties for their statue, or lack thereof. Below are 10 tips to tie your necktie shorter.

  1. Most ties are 57-59 inches in length. But there are some brands that make their regular length ties shorter than the norm. Three good quality brands that make shorter ties are: Ralph Lauren (54-55 inches), Salvatore Feragamo (55-57 inches), and Paul Stuart (55 inches).
  2. Go for a vintage tie from the 60s and 70s which tend to be shorter by two to three inches. A great place to shop for vintage ties is eBay. Even though many of these ties are 30+ years old they are anything but old fashioned. In fact many vintage designs and colors have once again been reintroduced by many well known designer brands.
  3. Get your tie tailored at a local tailor. You can also send your tie to Tiecrafters.com who customize your necktie (width and length) for $17 each.
  4. Pick a tie made from a thicker fabric. Thicker neckties make thicker knots which take more of the tie's length.
  5. Tie a larger tie knot. Excellent and popular large tie knots are the double Windsor knot and the Prince Albert knot. We at Ties-Necktie.com offer instructions for both knots.
  6. Hide the narrow end of the tie by slipping it through two of the buttons of your dress shirt. The wide end of the necktie will cover it and it will be unnoticeable. This is also a good option on windy days as it prevents the tie from dangling.
  7. Opt for a three piece suit. The vest will cover the tip of the tie making it less important to tie your tie to the right length. What matters more is the knot - the focal point when wearing a 3-piece suit.
  8. Accessorize you necktie with a tie bar. Slide the tie bar over the necktie and tug the narrow end over the back of the clip. This will shorten the narrow end of the tie.
  9. Make your own necktie. For instructions on making your own necktie please visit Sam Hober's website. For more information you can also read our article on Making a Man's Tie
  10. The last resort is cutting a piece of the narrow end of the tie. If you do this be careful not to damage the inlay of the necktie as it might create permanent wrinkles. Also do stich up the cut to prevent fraying. As mentioned before, this is the last resort and we at Ties-Necktie do not recommend this option.

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