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22 May 2011

Skin a true gift!

At a very young age, i was told by my "very young looking" aunt, that "skin is a gift". I never saw her without her moisturizing products. At work she carried a small tube of moisturizing cream, at home she had a cabinet full. As the years passed, i myself started to realize that what she said to me was very true. Take care of your skin and it will be radiant and youthfull for a very long time. I started using a variety of skin care products in my early 20s. Howevder, the one mistake i made at age 25 was spend too much time in the sun. Who knew? I didnt have the information that is out today about "sun damage". I knew that moisture was very important, that wasnt an issue, however, the sun can do more damage in fifteen minutes than i realized. I spent a day at the beach, and in as little as fifteen minutes, i had a very bad burn. I didnt think it was a big deal at first because i was good about moisturizing, but i was wrong. I was later left with freckles and dark spots on my face that never went away.
Today, i am 40, and yes i still have the freckles, which i see as a lesson learned. I have passed the importance of taking care of your skin, on to my teenage daughter. While the sun is great to be out in, you have to use caution and not take it for granted. I now wear a makeup that has spf protection in it. I use a variety of lotions throughout the day. I also use a light sunblock when im going to be traveling a little, like to the grocery store, paying bills, because im in and out of the car alot. If you have dry skin, there are many many types of lotions that will give your skin the moisture you need. You can even buy lotions now that have a "glow" in it and give you the radiance of the sun. You dont have to spend a fortune. Another good thing is adding a little baby oil to your bath, or a handfull of bath beads, not only are they great for your skin, they can come in a variety of relaxing scents. Always use a moisurizer before you go to bed. Keep a small tube in your purse, and use it throughout the day. Rememember to especially treat elbows and knees as they tend to get very dry.
Sun is not the only element that can cause skin damage, the cold winter winds can make skin dry and cracked. Again, its good to keep a light coat of sunblock on you when going out. A tube of lotion makes a great gift for a friend. Skin really is a gift, and the key to great looking skin is Moisture.
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