28 Jun 2011

Looking For A Low Cost Holiday?

Are you looking for a cheap summer holiday away and don’t want to dip too far into your savings? It can be hard to get a good deal from travel agents during the economic downturn, but I came across something that will save you time and more importantly, money.
The answer is easy, camping! This can be a bit unconventional for some individuals, but just imagine how much money you will save, and not just that, it is a great chance to connect and bond with your family and mates. Camping opens up the option of many activities such as fishing, swimming, canoeing or biking and on the plus side you have the revitalising fresh air which is good for your health. You can choose to camp within your area, but it will be much more rewarding overseas.
 Take France for example, this nation has an extraordinary array of beaches and many cities to explore. There are various campsites in France but the finest spots are in Brittany, whatever canvas site you stay on you will find heaps to do nearby. In the northeast of this region, a must see is Mont Saint Michel, this is perhaps France’s most beautiful tourist hotspot. A towering island monastery dating back over a 1000 years, it can be seen from all round the huge bay and it is visited by 3.5 million travellers yearly. Now that I’ve got your attention, let me search for the most cost effective way for you to get there. If you’re commuting from England, the Eurotunnel will be the best option, as it’s the speediest way across the channel and accepts most motor types. Once you’re in Calais, it’s around 6 hours drive, which is slightly long but absolutely worth the time.
Alternatively, have you ever considered venturing out to try something new, how about snowboarding. Snowboarding in Europe has become quite well-liked over the years and you will find many resorts in France. This is a great opening to participate in something wild and unforgettable. So what are you waiting for?

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