13 Jun 2011

Portray Style with Latest Fashion Handbags

Handbags are dear to every woman. They are one of the easiest ways to update wardrobe. Investing on trendy bag is a great way to give a new lift to an old outfit. From time to time they come up in new styles and draws women nearer to it. 

Year 2011, also represent some latest handbag styles that are one of its kinds. These great fashion items come in a large variety of shapes, colors, styles and fabrics. In shapes, colors and styles always opt for the one that appeals you personally. But while selecting for fabric, leather is the best to opt for. Handbags, latest in style this time, are elegant and luxurious yet practical and comfortable also.

This year has come up with many chic style handbags. They range from small clutch bags to large sized bags. Its features that are latest in trend are, woven textures, bright colors, long straps, braided handles, pleats, animal prints, exotic fabrics and embroideries etc. These hottest styles are largely ruling the fashion world. To know more about them, read below. 

Handbags- Colors in Fashion :
Generally women prefer pastel and neon colored handbags, because they always remain in fashion and impart elegant look also. Wearing neon or pastel color handbag is a great way to bring out hidden diva in you. But, this year jewel tones are also much popular. Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue and purple amethyst is some of the jewel tones latest in rage in bags. Further, these jewel toned handbags can be found in different shades from the deeper tones to pale hues. 

Chain Bags are Reigning Fashion : 
Chain handbags are greatly becoming choice of every woman. Chain is very stylish accessory that greatly enhance look of a handbag. These bags are great for a funkier look and also accentuate style. This small detail can add a glam to whole appearance.

Fashionable Fringed Handbags:
Fringed handbags are yet another very popular choice to look fashionable. They are perfect to carry from day to night. These bags are best bet for imparting glamour to appearance. 

Ruched Bags:
Ruching design does not only look good over tops and dresses only, but on handbags too. Ruched bags are classic to look at and impart class to appearance. These times they are high on the runways. Choose them for that extra chic look. 

Leather Handbags:
Leather handbags are all time favorite. They give an ultra-luxe edge to appearance. Simple, studded, frilled etc. are some of the styles they come in. Many trends in bags come and go, but trend of leather handbags never go out of fashion. 

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