12 Jun 2011

Spring Superfoods to add in your healthy diet

The foods that rich in phytonutrients and give many health benefits are called as Superfood. Spring is the best season to consume superfood as your body needs more cleansing foods in spring rather than heavy foods. It is the best time to take super nutrition because March is considered as first stage (month) of spring season. List of superfoods is given below that may give you lots of health benefits in beginning of spring.
Superfoods are the ideal way to make your body full of minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins from natural fresh supplements. Moisture and temperature fluctuation may become cause of skin irritation and superfoods help to prevent this problem. In the beginning of spring, people should more conscious about health as the risk of infection increases. However, superfoods are available to overcome skin as well as any health issues and stay healthy.
1). Spinach
Spinach consumption reduces colon cancer, birth defects, dementia and heart disease as it is rich source of folate–the B vitamin. As per the National Eye Institute, at least two servings of spinach in your regular diet give a protection against macular degeneration, which leads age-related problems including vision loss. New Harvard University research says that 50% risk of cataract eye surgery in men can be reduced by consuming cooked spinach more than twice per week.  
Spinach also helps to strong bones by reducing 30% risk of hip fracture from osteoporosis because it contains vitamin K property, according to joint Harvard-Tufts study. Only 20 days are needed to grow up the Spinach plant therefore you can grow it in March, beginning of spring.
2). Artichokes 
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Artichokes have anti-oxidants property and rich source of phyto-nutrients like Silymarin and Cynarin that diminishes the threat of liver related diseases. It also contains fiber and some powerful nutrients that fight against heart and aging ailments. Extract from artichoke leaves is aqueous and assist to diminish cholesterol by restrainng HMG-CoA reductase. Artichoke leaf extract is also supportive to the people, who are suffering from functional dyspepsia.
Artichoke has received number one rank among fresh vegetable in study commenced by the USDA, considering its antioxidant content. To eat Artichoke is just like fun. Peel off the leaves, soak them in butter or shake over with lemon. By using your teeth, scratch the meat off the leaves. Make a use of knife to eat insider content of Artichoke.
3). Rhubarb
Source: from flickr, by ilovemypit
Rhubarb cultivates from thick short rhizomes covering the genus Rheum. It is collection of herbaceous perennial plants. It is astringent and purgative stimulant. Rhubarb works as a slimming agent as the stem of the plant and root are good source of anthraquinones like rhein and emodin, which are considered as a laxative and cathartic.
Roots of plant have been utilized as a laxative because it gives positive effect on nasal cavity and mucous membranes of the mouth. To remove the bitterness of Rhubarb, it is baked with sweet strawberries or lots of sugar. Strawberry rhubarb pie is the best food for spring season.
4). Asparagus
Asparagus has many properties that makes it best spring vegetable. It becomes possible to protect your skin in spring season and boost its glow by consuming asparagus as this vegetable is well known for its anti aging vitamins A, C, E and K. Vitamin A an C are also considered as cancer-blocking vitamins. leafy spears offers healthy amount of fiber with low calories and sodium.
Asparagus is the food that contains highest quantity of glutathione that is significant anti-carcinogen, suggested by National Cancer Institute. Asparagus lose its flavor very fast so you should cook it speedily after pulling out from plant. Farm fresh asparagus gives you a maximum health benefits rather than stored in supermarket. It’s very easy to cook it, peel off it and lightly boil it. Now eat with lemon and butter.
5). Strawberries
Strawberry is testy fruit that has more antioxidant punch with compare to other fruits. It gives defense against primary factors of age-related ailments such as inflammation and oxidation. It decreases the risk of oral, colon and breast cancer in women. Cancer risk can be reduced up to 58% by including strawberries in regular diet as it has phytochemicals. It fights against bad cholesterol with the wealth of vitamin C. It also comprises magnesium, copper, B2, B5, B6, and vitamin K.
It boosts your energy level, when it is added in morning breakfast. Its fat free property makes it ideal fruit for dieting. One cup of strawberries comprises just 0.6 grams of fat, according to study. It helps to maintain the functions of weight-reducing hormones.
6). Avocado
One avocado contains 30 grams fat. Yet it is included in list of superfoods due to its other nutrition properties. An avocado has beta-sitosterol, a natural substance which helps to diminish the blood cholesterol levels. Among the total fat of avocado, most of the fat is monounsaturated that is good fat.
People, who eat avocado daily, may experience 17% drop in total blood cholesterol, recommended by Archives of Medical Research study. Study also says that avocado reduces the level of triglycerides and LDL (bad fat); both of them are related with heart disease.
7). Leeks
Leek seems like green onion and has sweet and slight onion flavor. Just like scallions, onions and garlic, leeks also belongs to Allium family. Risk of colon cancer and prostate can be reduced by eating Allium vegetables. If you want to raise the potassium intake, include few leeks in your diet as it has good wealth of vitamins and minerals including potassium. Leeks are also edible raw so add it in serving dish of crudités after removing its girt and dirt. Leeks hold sulfur substances that protect against some cancers and heart diseases.

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