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25 Aug 2011

The Power of Music

Mohammad Abdullah Hassan
Music is all around us. The day begins with the chirping of birds, the rustling of trees, the gurgling of streams and the roar of the ocean waves. Many people like to start the with some lovely chant. Very few people would say that they do not like music.

Music is very often an expression of a person's feelings and emotions both joy and sorrow. It is said that the saddest music is often the sweetest. We may have joyous music, sad music, philosophical music, or devotional music. We usually sing when we are in a relaxed mood, not when we are angry or upset.
Love is often conveyed through poetry and music. Even if people do not sing in real life to convey their love as they do in films, they may send poems or songs to one another. Shakespeare, one of the most renowned play wrights and poets, he said that music is food of love.
In many cultures music is an elevated art form. Both music and poetry have rhythm, rhyme and various other sound effects. They are full of visual imagery and imagery of the other senses. Music is studied as an art form in universities. Some people learn it by taking private lessons from experts.
The universal popularity of music has made it an integral part of popular modes of entertainment like films. Music forms an integral part of most films across the world.
Music also marks festivities and celebrations. There is music for weddings, for parties, festivals and other occasions. Every school has a school song and every country has a national anthem.
It is said that the music has the power to heal diseases of mind and the body. By comforting the mind , the body is often healed. Soft music has a soothing effect on most people.
It is imposible to think about a world without music. Human music imitates the sounds of nature and emerges from longings of heart. A world without music will be a soulless world.
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