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25 Aug 2011

Hina Rabbani as Pakistan's First Female Foreign Minister

Imran Khalid
I write on serious topics most of the time because I’m a serious person but still some of my "friends" find a funny aspect from it. Anyhow today I’m also writing a serious one and I hope that it will seem funny as well.

At this time, Pakistan is facing many cha
llenges from inside and outside, nationally and internationally. To tackle the domestic issues, the Home Department is working "Quite Nicely". I think Rehman Malik is one of the best options available to PPPP Government. The Foreign office or Ministry for Foreign Affairs is to tackle the International challenges and my topic is Foreign Office and I should be strictly relevant to the topic and that is not Rehman Malik and I fear that my blog is spinning to be funny again. My topic is "Pakistan’s first Women Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar".
Hina Rabbani Khar appeared on the horizon of Pakistani politics as the first female and youngest Foreign Minister. She is the 26th minister who taken oath for the office.
Hina took oath from the sitting President Farooq H Nayak in the absence of President Zardari. PM Gillani had given advice to the President to do so. Thus Hina Rabbani occupies the seat after 6 month of Qureshi’s resign.
Although this is a great honor for Hina to be first female and the youngest Foreign Minister of Pakistan but she has to face a lot of troubles and challenges as well. She has to work as directed by Zardari, Gillani, army and administration.
She is going to visit Delhi to participate in Indo-Pak Foreign Ministers Meeting commencing from 22nd July and will head the delegation as well. She will also participate in Asian Regional Forum commencing from 27th July, Indonesia is hosting this meeting at Bali Island. Her ability as a dynamic foreign minister will be judged by the nation, government, politicians and internationally as well and at this moment, she has to prove that she is younger but can handle the tough tasks assigned to her.
First of all, she had a meeting with Indian High Commissioner, Sharadh Sabharwal after taking oath as a minister and urged that the dialogue between the two countries should be fruitful and these dialogues should be indissoluble and everlasting.
When Hina became the First female foreign minister, people expressed mixed feelings. Some were happy and some were unhappy. Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman, the chairman of JUI Pakistan, is one of them who are unhappy about this decision and pointing it as a mindless step. He says that how such vital position is given to an inexperienced and younger person. How will she fight and argue brilliantly for Pakistan’s case at Indo-Pak Foreign Ministers Meeting in Delhi? Whatever the situation is, we are happy that Hina Rabbani is now Pakistan’s first Female Foreign Minister and when she will have discussion on some serious and boring issues we will not have to bother to see a face like Moluana Fazal Ur Rehman and Rehman Malik.
We hope that she will prove herself as a vibrant Foreign Minister and the “Hot Issues” she is facing, will surrender against her.
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