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26 Jul 2011

Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers……….A Reality or Myth

Previously, it was a common thought that only ignorant and innocent people of small cities easily become prey of the fortune tellers but now story is totally different and not only people of small cities but also of big cities themselves go to the places of fortune tellers.
Although this is a modern era and now machinery has taken the place of human beings in many areas but the human minds are as same as of past people. Only the modern life style does not matter but there is much role of mind and thinking which is tracking the people to follow the ancient beliefs. It seems that they are habitually doing this.
There are not just fortune tellers but like a proper chain of network, they also include amils, pirs, palmists and astrologists. Somehow they have shaped it as a profession and people have to take appointments before meeting them and they have to pay advance fees other than the souvenirs. In this way they are filling their pockets. Many politicians also go to palmists to know about their future at the start of every new year and fortune tellers tell it to their clients to show their importance and value by giving interviews.
It seems that they have become a part of our culture. Whenever you switch on the TV, at many channels almost in every program, they are invited in the special segments like “what your stars says”, “life and luck” etc. So, TV programs are big promoters of such astrologists. On the other side, if you are traveling, you may see the bill boards of fortune tellers with their claims that we can change your life, just give us one chance and see what changes we can bring in your life. They mostly assure you to solve the problems of marriage, infertility, to make your husband “a yes man”, get your beloved at once, reversal of black magic, revenge from any relative, dissolution of marriages, harm your enemies and be a millionaire.
They can be found at every nook and corner of the country but mostly they operate in smaller cities. Young people go to these places just for fun and when any of their predictions are come true, they start believing them. But in reality their success lies in guess work and only good words for your future. Some of them may be knowledgeable but this ratio is very small as compared with the fake fortune tellers and Islam also prohibits describing the unseen. If somehow they are able enough to predict, they should keep it for themselves and avoid telling others by the way to earn money.
Here the question arises….. Should we believe and follow the claims made by fortune tellers? From Islamic point of view, the answer is absolutely not. In Quran Allah subhana says that “none in the heavens and the earth knows the ghayb” (Al-namal, verse 65). This authority is not shifted to human beings. So, we must not loose hope in the time of trouble and only ask help from Almighty Allah.
Once, Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that “whenever a person went to a fortune teller and asked him about some matter and believed him, will have his prayers rejected for forty days”.
Hence, in the light of Islam we can say that Pakistan is a muslin country and government must take a serious course of action countrywide against fortune tellers. For this purpose, people must also play their role by helping government to stop them. Because their network is spreading like a disease day by day and it must be eradicated soon because it is anti Islam.
Now a days, the scientists have made a medicine which will convert the persons hate in to love and love into hate. So there’s no need to go the places of fake fortune tellers but to consult some doctor. It will definatly result the same or more what you want from fortune tellers and your believe in the miracles of science would increase.
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