6 Aug 2011

6 types of marriage you don't want

By The_Stir

Every married couple is different, but not everyone believes that. A recent article in The Daily Mail reveals that couples actually fall into six different kinds of marriages, none of which are very positive or exciting.
Marriage is supposed to be unique and different. Like snowflakes, no two couples should look like each other, so why is anyone trying to sell us on six main types of marriage, all of which are pretty awful in their own way?
These include the following:
  • Cat and Dog: These two are marked by their constant squabbling, fighting, and make-up sex. Certainly they are passionate, but in the long run, they could easily fizzle, especially if there is betrayal.
  • Thrill of the Chase: This couple basically always has one on top and one on the bottom, and I don't mean that in a sexual way. One always likes the other a little bit better. Read: Totally unhealthy.
  • Parent and Child: We all know this one and it's ugly. One person plays the grown-up and the other the tiny child.
  • Idol and Fan: Think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This is a hero worship marriage that stops being good once one figures out the other isn't all that great.
  • Babes in the Wood: This couple is inseparable, best friends, but of course, they too have problems! They are so joined at the hip, they lack passion.
  • The Grown-Ups: These two are your typical, boring suburbanites, happy on the outside, dying on the inside.
It's all fine and funny and good to read about something like this, but the truth is, every marriage should have bits and pieces of this.
My husband and I fight a lot, which, for us, is passion. But we are best friends and joined at the hip, which makes us Babes in the Wood, and finally we can be a little Thrill of the Chase when we want to, too.
With only six relatively miserable choices, no one is given the option of just being really happy and dabbling in all of them. To me, all marriages should have aspects of these six "types." Then you know you are in a truly functional one.

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