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6 Aug 2011

Girl Scout Cookies and Dieting: How to Donate Without Gaining Weight

By Amy Brantley
The holidays are finally over a
nd you can start to relax and have an easier time sticking to your diet. Wait. Was that a knock at the door? Oh, no! It's the Girl Scouts! Don't panic. Take a deep breath and relax. There are ways you can still donate to the Girl Scouts while sticking to your diet. Best of all, you can still enjoy a few cookies too.

Check Out the Low Calorie and Low Fat Options
Believe it or not, the Girl Scouts actually have low calorie and low fat options. They have even been known to offer 100 calorie packs. This is a great option. You'll be able to stick to your diet and help out a good cause. Because the Girl Scouts often encounter people that are on a diet, they know all about the options that are available. Just ask what's available. You may be surprised by the tasty options.
Portion Out Your Cookies Once They Arrive
Just because there are low calorie and low fat Girl Scout cookies available doesn't mean you can eat an entire box. If you ordered cookies that aren't already portioned out, take the time to portion them into serving sizes. This will allow you to grab a bag for your lunch at work or to snack on while watching a movie. Either way, you'll be eating the right amount of cookies and not going over your calorie or fat limit for the day.
Freeze a Few Boxes
There's no rule saying you have to eat all your cookies at once. Girl Scout cookies actually freeze quite well. Popping a few boxes in the freezer allows you to stick to your diet plan and make your cookies last longer. While your friends are wishing they had more cookies, you'll be enjoying one of those boxes you stored for later. Just be sure to eat them within a couple months of freezing the cookies or they might not taste as fresh.
Buy Cookies for Friends and Relatives
If you don't think you can trust yourself to moderate your cookie consumption, you can always choose to purchase cookies for friends and relatives. This is a great way to donate to a wonderful cause and buy a little treat for your loved ones. You may want to have plans in place to deliver the cookies when they arrive though. Otherwise, you might find yourself draw in by the temptation of the cookies.
Donate Money
You don't have to buy a box of cookies from the Girl Scouts to help out. In fact, only a small portion of the price you pay per box goes to the foundation. The rest of the money goes to pay for the cookies. If you want to really help out the Girl Scouts, give them a donation. Think about how much your would normally spend on cookies and write a check that amount. This way, you're helping the foundation, you're not going to be tempted by cookies and you can even write off your donation. In all honesty, this type of donation will help them much more than if you were to buy 10 boxes of cookies.
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