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15 Aug 2011

What's the WORST Beauty Advice You Got from Your Mother?

Not that we're urging you to talk smack about your mom or anything, but has she ever dished out super bad beauty tips? You know, advice that makes you second-guess that she was actually the one to birth you?
OK, maybe her advice wasn't that bad. It's just that everyone always talks about the life-changing beauty advice they heard from their mom, but th
ey never mention the awful tips she doled out. And I know there are some real whoppers out there based on hearingthese random tips from readers in the past.
My dear sweet ma was guilty for sure. Basically, I didn't know that using mayonnaise as a conditioner was a bad idea until a makeout sesh years later when my boyfriend told me I smelled like "lunch." Super sexy, I know…
Check out some of this (hysterically) bad beauty advice Total Beauty readers got from their moms, and please, share yours. It's like free therapy.
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