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15 Aug 2011

Women's Equality Leads to More Sex for Everyone, Study Says

Next time you hear a man complain about sex, tell him it's simple — he just needs to ensure that his female counterparts have fulfilling jobs, equal chances for advancement, and receive equal pay for equal work, and his gripes will be answered.
A new study from the American Psychological Association says people have more sex in countries where there is a greater degree of gender equality. The study, conducted in thirty-seven countries using over 300,000 couples, is based on a theory of "sexual economics." Essentially, it treats sex like currency and breaks it down into supply and demand.
Since men desire sex, on average, more than women do, sex is a more valuable asset for a woman than it is for a man. In other words, a woman can use sex to get ahead in way that men can't. In a repressive society, sex is a woman's only asset, and so it becomes "expensive." However, when she has lots of different ways to get ahead (like going to college or starting a rock band), sex becomes "cheaper."
As the study's author says: "If women don't have many opportunities to make money on their own, they need the value of sex to be as high as possible... When women don't have other opportunities, sex is the main thing she has to offer."

It's a clever — if not exactly sexy — way of looking at global sexual politics. Feminism: it's win/win for everyone.

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