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17 May 2011

Famous Pakistani Personalities

The famous Pakistani personalities refer to the people who represented the country around the world in various fields with their outstanding contributions. These Pakistani personalities have made the country feel proud.

The famous personalities of Pakistan are:

  • Habib Wali Mohammad - He is from a rich industrial background, still chose singing as his mainstream career and became popular as a ghazal singer in the court of King Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mogul emperor.
  • Ishfaq Ahmed - Ishfaq Ahmed is a famous scientist who is felicitated with various awards in the field of physics. He was once a senior member of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission- PAEC in his long adventurous career.
  • Shakir Ali- Famous as a teacher and Pakistani artist, Shakir Ali was born in the year 1916 and made the country proud with his works in the field of art and crafts till his last breath.
  • Kafeel Bhai Ghotki Walay- A painter by profession, who started his career from a very low profile and then gradually became very famous in his field of art and painting that made his country famous worldwide.
  • Prof. Anna Molika Ahmed- A fine arts pioneer in Pakistan and a famous artist herself, Prof. Anna Molika Ahmed was a person who is always in the minds of the art and sculpture lovers with her skillful art works.
These are the people who made their country famous around the world from different fields like art and culture, music, science and other subjects. Contributions of these famous Pakistani personalities are really unforgettable for the country.
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