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10 May 2011

How to select college after matriculation?

College after matriculationPakistani student face a big problem regarding the selection of college of their choice or which is one of the best for their selected field of study after passing matriculation examination.

Selection of a good college is also very much important for quality education as well as the character building of the students. In spite of all these some colleges have very good reputation in the market and their graduates easily got job due to the reputation of their college. In Pakistan students of matriculation doesn’t have lot of information about the best colleges they only know some colleges which are situated nearby their residence.
For getting admission in your favorite college you have to attain good marks in your matriculation exams or O' Level. So work hard in your exams and try to get high marks in examination. So students if you’ve chosen a college for getting admission so you should also work hard to attain high marks so that you can get admission in that college.
So selection of good college needs careful consideration and students should consider following factors while selection.
  • Reputation and prolonged existence of the college
  • Faculty Members
  • Academic program
  • Acceptability of the students in the job market
  • Fee structure
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Affiliation with and acceptability of the degree by foreign universities
  • Transportation to the college
Reputation of a college is very much important for selection if a college has good name in the job market due to their quality of education and the better professional development of their students in the job market. Then graduates of that college can get job very easily after their studies.
A very important matter that our students and their parents never consider while selecting a college for admission is the source of transportation for them to reach college. As we know there are always traffic problems on roads of Pakistan and mostly we find huge rush on the roads especially at morning timings. Students who come from distance areas from the college they usually never perform better. There are lots of factors involve of students low performance due to long traveling daily. One of the most important factor is that traveling is also a tiring work and it consume students energy, time factor is also involve students spend lot of time only on traveling and if that time they consume in study or rest that would be very much productive. Students it doesn’t mean that you get admission in a college nearby your home although that is very notorious. Students should consult about it to your elders and make a right decision about it.
Students I’ve mentioned some parameters to choose a college for you after matriculation and you should not consider only one or two factors but all factors are necessary for the selection of best college.
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