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15 May 2011

Jewelry Gifts

1: Wedding & Anniversary Gifts
Memories can invoke very strong emotions. At a young age our memories take hold and later in life these can be sparked by sights, sounds, touch, tastes, and smells.

2: Fine Jewelry: A Classic, Beautiful Gift

Want to see that special someone’s eyes light up? Give jewelry for a present.

3: The Art of Organic Jewelry

If gold and silver jewelry is too expensive, then organic jewelry can provide the same decoration for a much cheaper price.

4: Fashionable Celtic Jewelry

Over two thousand years ago, the Celtic people adorned themselves with handcrafted jewelry made from precious metals and stones. Today, people's desire for fine jewelry has only grown.

5: Coin Jewelry History

Coin Jewelry can be divided into two major categories: whole coins and cut coins. This article will seek to give the origin of and details about both types.

6: History of Raksha Bandhan and Gift Ideas to celebrate

Any Indian festival is incomplete without the typical Indian festivities, the get-togethers and celebrations, exchange of sweets and gifts, singing and dancing. Festival of Rakhi is one such major occasion. Rakhi is the celebration of brothers and sisters & all the preparations begin much in advance.

7: Unique Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

On at least one day in a year, brothers have to show their love for their sisters and be nice! The fortunate occasion of Rakhi, celebrated widely across India on the 28th of August this year, is an ideal occasion for sisters to send cherished wishes to their brothers overseas.

8: Functions Of Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry helps to serve a dual purpose of painkiller and grooming.

9: All About Celtic Jewelry

The Celts have a long history full of traditions and rituals. An extension of these traditions that lives on today is Celtic jewelry.

10: Confused about buying gifts on Mother's Day? Check this out

One day in a year when we spare a thought for the woman who took so many pains to provide us with everything we wished for - MOTHER. For this reason we celebrate Mother's Day to bring smile on her face. And the best gift on this day according to the mothers would be spending time with children and having heart to heart talks. But this is not possible always. So, gifts are just an alternate for the love everyone would like to express for their moms.
11: Mother's Day Gift a Perfect Gift to your Mom
Make this Mother's Day most memorable for the first special girl in your life, by giving her mother's day gifts. Mother's Day is a celebration of motherhood. Giving a gift to your mother is a way of showing appreciation and express thanks to her. Different countries celebrate Mother's Day on different days because they have varied origins.

12: Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Mother's Day is the occasion to honor the best creation of God on Earth, to shower her with all your love, care and warmth, to stand by the person who stood like a rock in your lean and mean days and to assure her that she really means the world to you.

13: Surprise Your Recipient With A Unique Gift

There are many occasions and situations where a unique or special gift is preferred over the conventional gift. With your unique gift, you enjoy the benefit of being able to express your love for the recipient. You can show that you consider the recipient to be someone special and unique in your life, and thus deserves a unique gift.

14: Holiday Gift Ideas for Choosing Gifts for Everyone

The first thing you have to do is to form a sort of diary or memo where you remind yourself of wedding anniversaries and birthdays of your near and dear ones. People you have to buy gifts for should have a mention of the special day about fifteen days prior to the special day so that you have sufficient time to buy the gift to be given to them. If you have to mail the gift to a person out of town, then you may have to include a reminder at a much earlier date. This is to facilitate sufficient time for you to decide on the gift, and have it sent or shipped to the address of the recipient.

15: Novelty Gifts Perfect For Any Occasions
There are different sites catering to different needs of women and men. You can find not only items to be presented as gifts, but also ideas to help you find the perfect novelty gift for any occasion. Women feel happy feeling special, so you could consider naming a star after her or present her something personalized.

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