6 May 2011

New York Bikes with Style

Just click on the Bicycles link below if you want to see more stylish men and women from around the world on bikes.

Just for the record, I do wear my helmet when I ride a bike
If I lived on the quite streets of Park Slope, Brooklyn I might not but the traffic in the city is just too crazy.

Instead of trying to copy the very chic Europeans bikers I think we (Americans) should do what we are good at - and that is Sporty/Tech.

I would love to see a sleek young lady in a little black jersey dressed tied-up on one leg, on an equally sleek black mountain bike wearing some kinda of silver reflective sash or form fitted vest (but really well-designed) and reflective wristbands, Raybans, and some sleek, form-fit mountain climbing shoes (those really tiny ones with the nubby soles) or even heels (like that lady I shot in Paris) and a cool racing helmet.

Imagine mixing Polo Sport with Comme Des Garçons - now that would look cool with really techy bike gear.

We should have a contest on who can submit the best photo of their Chic/Tech bike look.

Maybe we can find a cool sponsor to throw in a prize.

This kinda of small reflective vest could be really chic if designed correctly - for womens maybe add more mesh on the sides so it is not so hot in the summer and a racer back

just an idea

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