15 May 2011

Night Out Fashion for Men

Regimental ties and briefcases come off on Friday night, but shucking the office attire doesn’t always mean you’re appropriate for going out. A lot of men who use a wild night out to de-stress aren’t very conscious that what they’re wearing should have stayed in the closet. Dressing the part might not always mean dressing like a party animal, but there are lines of style propriety, even when you’re lining up at the entrance.

Friday Night Prep
Dressing up to go out isn't entirely about looks. You may find neckties uncomfortable, but you have to wear them Mondays through Fridays because they’re part of the way you need to appear. Friday night, however, is a whole other story of style.

Unless you plan to spend the evening sitting around, you also have to dress for comfort. You’ll want clothes that are fitted enough to show off some body, but not too tight that you won’t be able to dance without flashing everyone in the vicinity. Even if you do have muscles to display,
chances are good that a dark dance floor with dozens of other people isn’t exactly your ideal place to start showing them.

A simple t-shirt might be some guys’ idea of night-out clothes, to contrast with the shirt and tie attire of the rest of the week. It’s usually more strategic to reach for a full-on long-sleeve shirt (with the sleeves casually rolled up, of course). You never know when you could end up at a classier place with a stricter dress code, so err on the side of caution.

Post-5PM Fashion
Style is one of those few domains where self-expression rules supreme. If you’re not in the mood to compose a whole new outfit from scratch, however, there’s a rough template that works for most cases and for most dance floors.

A casual long-sleeved shirt in gray or black is an excellent place to start. Keep it dressed down – button-down collar instead of wide-point, variegated instead of pencil stripe – and free of any pieces you usually use for work. You may want to consider buying a shirt with shorter tails to give you the option of keeping it untucked and thus more casual.

The next item on the list is a great pair of jeans – the darker, the better. By ‘great’, we mean one that fits your legs perfectly, skimming your thighs without hugging them and showing some curves without being flamboyant. Again, you’re going to be dancing in these clothes, so comfort and fit have a premium. If you have to spring for a premium pair of jeans from Levi’s or 7 for All Mankind, then by all means do so.

A comfortable pair of shoes shouldn’t be forgotten. You could try wearing a lightweight pair of shoes like loafers or minimalist lace-ups, but something lower maintenance like a pair of Chuck Taylors or Adidas Sambas would be even better ideas.

Fashion’s Night Out
If you want to go the extra mile for style, a couple of accessories never hurt anyone. A vest in some contrasting color should make you more visible (in a good way) on the dance floor. The same goes for a very slim contrasting necktie that’s casually knotted over a shirt with the top button left open; it’s a very dressed down but dapper look. If this is your style choice then we also suggest you have a look at our assortment of Skinny Ties

Men’s fashion places a high premium on balancing comfort and style. Dressing up for a fun night out is the perfect opportunity to test how well you can achieve that balance.

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