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7 Aug 2011

How to avoid BUIs: buying under the influence

Drunk shopping seems like fun, but may result in disaster. Photo by Thinkstock
Drunk shopping seems like fun, but may result in disaster. Photo by Thinkstock
By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff
Our friends at Lucky just brought up an issue we’re all too familiar with: Buying Under the Influence (BUIs). Have you ever stumbled into a store after a fewcocktails and handed over your credit card a little too readily? Or come home from a night out and made some drunk impulse purchases online? I have. Alcohol lowers your spending inhibitions! So I’ve come up with some five helpful tips to avoid a BUI.

1. Don’t drink near your favorite shops.
 Is there a cute bar next to a trendy new boutique you can’t resist? Skip it. In college I worked at Urban Outfitters and every night ladies would walk in smelling of booze and hit the fitting rooms with a pile of clothes. I pitied their wallets, because most of them were too lazy to make returns.

2. Don’t day drink. Brunch often leads mimosas which often lead to impulse shopping. Enjoy your breakfast juice without spiking it.

3. Avoid late-night infomercials. You never knew you needed a Cami Secret or a knife that could cut through all your shoes, but those TV spots are so darn convincing! See also: HSN and QVC.

4. Restrict your online use after drinking. In the same way you might regret an embarrassing Facebook comment the next day, you’ll hang your head in shame after buying your entire Wish List from an online store. Wine and the internet don't mix.

5. Have a support system. Drunk buddies can be enablers, but if you limit your alcohol intake and your friends do too you might be able to window shop without actually spending money.
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