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28 Sep 2011

How Do I Get Rid of Open Pores

BY Rahila Sadiq
How Do I Get Rid of Open PoresHow Do I Get Rid of Open Pores – Open pores are the danger of beauty and sign of aging.  These will develop as you get older many hormonal fluctuations causes the pores to open.
It makes you fret as you have to solve the three problems at a time, one is to close the pores, second to unclog these pores from dirt and pollutants, third to combat or slow down the aging process. But with continuous skin and health care and patience you can achieve the objective of closing pores.
Here are some home remedies used for closing the pores:
  • Steaming, hot treatments, and UV radiations open the pores. Apply cold compresses, chilled substances or ice cubes frequently to the facial skin will reduces the size of pores.
  • Apply the papaya pulp after mashing on the face. It is very good toner for the skin. Leave it on skin for 20 minutes and then wash the face with cold water. If you want the whitening effects then add in it the lemon juice .It will improve the overall texture of the skin.
  • Tomato pulp is also give good results for toning the skin. For this apply the tomato pulp on the skin and leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse off the face with cold water. After fewer applications you will observe the difference in case of reducing pore size.
  • Fuller’s earth is also gives good results in skin toning. Make the paste of it with rose water and apply it on face. Leave it on face until it will get dry. Now wash off the face   with soft smooth skin. It is very gentle and mild in use.
  • Combine 2tbs of baking soda, 1 tab of oats, and pour on it hot water, make the paste and apply it on face. It will cleanse the skin by its deep action and unclog the pores.
  • Always remove the make up before retiring on bed with good make up cleansers.
Our diet is the major factor in our beauty. What we eat is reflected by our skin. Take plenty of juices which are rich in anti oxidants and fibers are used to remove the toxins from the body.
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