2 Jul 2011

Tips for Lips Makeup

Pick your strongest point and bring it! So if you often say you have something from Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, a few smart tips are enough to draw all eyes onto your juicy lips ...

Tips for Lips Makeup

Here are 15 Tips for Lips Makeup just read and apply on you.
1. Inviolable rule: If you want to look like the figure of the carnival not combine the dark eye makeup with equally bold lipstick. If you want to paint your lips with a fiery red, bright and keep "quiet" the rest of the face. If you choose to highlight the eyes, simply apply a clear lip gloss or a lipstick in a neutral color.

2. If your lips are "thick", try the pencil an outline just above the natural line and apply a very thin layer of gloss in the middle of the lower lip. The pastel or natural colors are preferred for the day.

3. Generally there are no rules on how to apply lipstick. Most women prefer to bring direct contact with the lips, while a smaller percentage uses a special brush or middle finger of the hand. You still do what suits you, choosing general way in which manage to achieve more accurate result.

4. "Fill 'lips with the pencil, using as a base before applying lipstick or gloss. Make sure the colors are close. By doing so the makeup will last longer. Especially the lip gloss, because the liquid's composition, "slip" immediately from the lips if you do not use basis.

5. Accentuate the contour of your lips before or after lipstick. If you want to make sure the pencil "clicks" onto the natural line, delete the profile before painting the inside of your lips. However, the effect is more distinctive when the pencil applied over lipstick or gloss. six.

6. Do not mix dark pencil with light lipstick. The distinctive, shapely silhouette is beautiful when the line is the same color as the inside of the lips (the very one - two tones apart). The combination of bright lipstick with soft pencil is simply vulgar.

7. For hygiene reasons do not touch the testers on your lips when you try new colors. To understand poe will show a try on lipstick at your fingertips. It is a point which gives much better shade that will have the product on your lips, much more than the upper arm, where we used to test the colors.

8. If you made ​​an inappropriate purchase, do not rush to remove the failed option. The makeup lip colors blended, lipsticks and pencils combine to create a new blend. "Play" just by tasting example above a dark pen a gloss that alone seemed too bright and unnatural. 9. The time when "fatal" women left the imprint of lipstick onto the glass of champagne is gone. To avoid this unsightly image when your lips are painted before you touch the glass suck discreetly inside. The footprint will be much more pale.

10. In order not to smile with painted teeth, after putting on lipstick, put in your mouth the index finger (like when you do what you should not say lick your fingers after a delicious dinner!) And pulling it together and remove the excess lipstick earmarked for ... to your denture.

11. The lipstick, if not too oily, can be used as blush. The opposite is not to try. The lips do not "hold" on the powder products.

12. The more you age, the more we try to show your lips more "rich" and more "fluffy." Because by the time the volume shrinks, avoid matte lipsticks generally "thin" lips, or too wet gloss that does not have time and choose a product more creamy and light shade. 13. Not match all the shades on all persons. Skin color determines the palette flatters you most. Generally, the more "difficult" colors in makeup lips are orange and coffee also have the disadvantage that make teeth appear yellow. Although generally not have the most glittering smile, choose colors like purple, violet, burgundy, shades of pink or rotten apple counsel make up Artists. on the 14th. Do not throw anything away! If you broke your lipstick, remove the broken piece, holding it with a clean cloth, and turn on the basis of a match. The heat will soften it so you can adjust it back to base, forcing the slightly downward. Then put the lipstick in the fridge for about half an hour and ... fracture healed!

15. Take advantage of the remains of a lipstick mixing it with Vaseline or lip gloss in a palette of makeup, from which to spread the lips chrisimopoiontas a brush or finger. Another trick for the economy, but also to experiment with colors, to collect debris from unfinished lipstick in a small jar (eg, pill), to heat the base to melt and stirred up the pieces and then try your new lipstick with a brush!

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